1.     Verbal warning or written reprimand by an educator or the Principal.
2.     Supervised school work or work that will contribute to the learner’s progress at school.
3.     Work to improve the school environment.
4.     Performing tasks that would assist the offended person.
5.     Affordable compensation
6.     Replacement of damaged property
7.     Detention
8.     HOD Detention
9.    Suspension from functions, school activities, sport and cultural events.

Serious misconduct which may include offences according to the law, must be handled according to the procedures in terms of the notice in the Government Gazette and the regulations in GEPA.

Together with other corrective measures, like detention, it aims to provide a framework of values within which all learners can function. In addition to discouraging misbehaviour, we believe that the continued good behaviour of the majority of our learners will be encouraged.
Ideally, the Code of Conduct will not only promote general discipline but will also foster the self-discipline which will be demanded from our learners if they are to develop into well-rounded, mature and successful adults.

The school reserves the right to make amendments to the Code of Conduct as and when necessary.