1957Freda Koch (now Barnard) would like to contact fellow scholars: Henrietta Fourie, Yvette Ferreira, Patricia Miller and Laetitia Hough, who were at Sir John in Turffontein and then moved with the school to Winchester Hills when the 'new' school was built. Also Robert Garden, Trevor Garden and Ernest Preiss. Our English and French teacher was Miss Frances Sack who was also our form teacher in 1957. Our Maths teachers were Mrs Hyde and Mr van Rooyen. Geography was taught by Mr Rees. Our little library was a real haven (for most of us) and we had Miss Glaser as our strict but beloved teacher there. She was at Sir John from 1955-1957. I remember more fellows but would like to hear from any other who should be nearing 80 years of age how they have dealt with life since High School. She can be contacted at freda@escapism.co.za
1957Edwin Wocke was part of a class of twelve matric students. In 1958, he joined Union Corporation (Mining Industry) as a learner official. Received the Government Certificate for Assaying in 1962. Married Jacqueline Ann Schepers. Assayer at Pilansberg nickle mine in 1964. Seconded to Rand Refinery Ltd. in 1965. Studied metallurg of gold. Held the following posts: Assayer, Melt-house Officer and Technical Officer. Accepted the position of Refinery Manager at Argen Precious Metals Industries in Edenvale. Retired 1990. Now lives quietly in the country with his wife. Edwin would like to contact his 1957 classmates, especially Dagmar Lees, Marie Buitendag, Robert Watson, Chris Robertson, Thomas Borril and Ray Johnson. Edwin can be contacted at ewwocke@mweb.co.za or tagati@yahoo.com
1950'sKenneth Michael Duke (Weir) was a pupil at the old school in Turffontein. He can be contacted at ascotpharm@mweb.co.za