1960/1Malcolm Helsdon currently resides in Queensland, Australia. He can be contacted at mal_marg@bigpond.com
1960/1Cynthia Dorothy Laurent (Watman) was a pupil in 1960/61 and would like to get in contact with classmates.
1963Jim (James) Sharples attended Sir John from 1959 (Turffontein) until 1963 (Winchester Hills) and remember being caned by Mr Rees, the principal, in both locations. He probably deserved it. Now live in the Blue Mountains near Sydney in Australia and can be contacted at jim@watagan.com
1961-65Attended Sir John from 1961-1965 contact him on art@tracktrace.co.za
1965Carl Lawrence graduated in 1965 contact him on carljl@cox.net
1965Jessie Barber, (nee Kemack). I managed to contact several people who were in my class right through primary school (Robertsham Primary) and up until I left school in 1965 at the end of standard eight on Facebook. We are hoping to contact some more people, namely Shelley Barclay, Jeanette Small, Carol Howell and whoever else was in our year. If you have any contact details for these people, please email them to me at jbarber@yebo.co.za
1965Ted Farrenkothen (Edward) was Head Boy in 1965 received colours in Soccer, Debating, Cross Country and Tennis. He liked the school so much that he came back in 1966. Presently living in Sacramento California, USA since 1980. Can be contacted at tedfarren@comcast.net
1966Fred Axsel currently resides in Fourways. He was a member of the school's 1st Soccer and Cricket Teams and represented South African Schools in Soccer. He was Sportsman of the Year in 1965, a Prefect in 1966, Buxton House Captain in 1965 and 1966, a Scholar Patrol Captain (1964) and a member of the Tuck Shop Staff. Fred would like to contact pupils who attended from 1960 - 1968. His email address is faxsel@chubb.co.za
1966Paul Ray Contact: paulray@africare.co.za
1966Glenys Dougall (nee Lyle) matriculated in 1966. She lives in Cape Town and would love to hear from any one who matriculated with her. She was the swimming captain and a member of the gymnastics team. She has 2 daughters one of whom lives in Amsterdam. She can be contacted at dougallagencies@gmail.com
1966Andre Eugene Martinaglia was a student from 1963 to 1966. Nickname : Tiny, he played the big base drum in the Sir John Adamson Naval Cadet Band. Keen rugby player and part of the first team in 1966. Contact: andre.martinaglia@gmail.com
1966Thys McLean matriculated in 1966, was captain of the First Cricket team, the Victor Ludorum in Athletics, as well as playing Soccer for the first team. I presently reside in Perth Australia and may be contacted at thysmclean@gmail.com
1967Clive Portway resides in Australia and can be contacted at eportway@ajc.org.au
1968Graeme Thompson currently resides in Auckland, New Zealand. He can be contacted at graemet@ihug.co.nz
1968David Roberts matriculated in 1968 and was Athletics captain, House Captain, Captain of the shooting team and chairman of the photographic club. Also a member of the athletics and swimming teams. Nicknamed Jumbo. Run a graphic design and marketing company in Australia "Corporate Image" having run the same company in South Africa for 15 years before selling it. He can be contacted at jumbo@mira.net
1968Shane Wilson matriculated in 1968 and was in Form 5B of that year. His nickname was "The Beast" from the novel "Lord of the Flies". He was a political activist in the 1970's and 1980's and is still active with empowerment of youngsters in schools. He is currently writing a book on slavery and have recently become involved in establishing an anti-chauavinism and abuse organisation. He can now be found at iThemba Labs, Empire Road in Johannesburg. His hobby is astrophysics and he gives public lectures on the subject. He can be contacted at mabhekaphansi@yahoo.co.uk
1969Ann Anderson (nee Barsdorf) matriculated in 1969. Now resides in Kommetjie Cape Town. She can be contacted at anderson@icon.co.za