1980Ian Black is a past pupil from 1980. He can be contacted at ian.black@ksbpumps.co.za
1980Richard Zafrilla ("ZAFF") was at Sir John from 1976 to 1980. He now lives in Alicante, Spain and can be contacted at richlox@yahoo.es
1980Avalon Edward van der Heever attended Sir John from Standard 6 to 9. He can be contacted at avalonkitchens@telkomsa.net
1980/1John and Debbie Amiradaki (nee Nieuwenhuizen) matriculated between 1980 and 1981. They currently reside in Sydney, Australia with their daughter's, Cassandra and Tiana. John works for Baxter Healthcare and Debbie for Pelikan Artline. They can be contacted at j_amiradaki@baxter.com.au or debbie.armiradaki@pelikanartline.com.au
1981Jim (James) Connor was a pupil at Sir John from 1976 to 1981. After leaving Sir John, he travelled in Europe for a couple of years, completed a degree and a postgraduate qualification at the University of Cambridge. He now lives in Cambridge in the UK, but misses the veld. He can be contacted at jimconnor_2000@yahoo.com
1981Colin Harbottle Deputy Head Prefect 1978 can be contacted at colin_harbottle@swissre.co.za
1981Edwin Kuun attended Sir John from 1977 to 1981. Married with 2 girls. Emigrated to Toronto (Canada) in 1994. Ed has his own business "Venture SR&ED Servives" and can be contacted at ed.kuun@gmail.com
1981Letitia Woodword (van der Merwe) matriculated in 1981 and can be contacted on lwoodward38@gmail.com
1982Shaun Barger was at Sir John from 1978 to 1982. He can be contacted at shaun@rhemasouth.co.za
1982Debbie Diedricks (nee Bossert) matriculated in 1982. She graduated from JCE in 1987 with an H Dip Ed. She went on to complete a BA in 1998, majoring in Psychology. She is married with two boys. She moved to Durban at the end of 1996 when her husband received a transfer. She is presently teaching at Virginia Primary, North of Durban. She would love to make contact with anyone who remembers her. She is looking for Anna Romano and would be most grateful should anyone be able to put her in contact with Anna again. Debbie can be contacted at jandi@freemail.absa.co.za
1982Lauren Egan left Sir John in 1982. She can be contacted at rubyegan@netactive.co.za
1982Norman Smith was at Sir John from 1978 to 1982. Snailmail: PO BOX 8696, Verwoerdpark, Alberton, 1453. He can be contacted at nsmith4@fnb.co.za
1982Rowan Smith, matriculated in 1982. Married to Danielle and is currently living in Franschhoek, Western Cape. He can be contacted at rowan.smith1964@gmail.com
1982Dean Passmore matriculated in 1982 and are married to Daphne also an ex-pupil of Sir John. He can be contacted at mrlegalguru@yahoo.com
1983Raymond Fitzpatrick was at Sir John between 1979 to 1983. He qualified as a vet in 1990 and left South Africa in February 2001. He can be contacted at peter279@hotmail.com
1983Alan Rademaker graduated from Sir John in 1983. He now lives in Bedfordshire in the UK and have a Diploma in Shopping Centre Management. He is an Operations Manager at the Harlequin Shopping Centre in Watford in Herfordshire. He can be contact at alan.rademaker@ntlworld.com
1983Chantelle Paterson (nee Donald) now resides in East London and can be contacted on chantellepaterson735@gmail.com
1983Avril Tatterson was a student at Sir John from 1979-1983. Now living in Calgary, Canada (since 1993) working at the University of Calgary in the Division of Teacher Preparation. Can be contacted at avril.tatterson@shaw.ca
1984Venetia Diamond (nee Smith) matriculated in 1984. She studied JP at JCE, taught at Wendywood and then Mayfair Convent. She left SA with her husband, Vic, in June 1996, lived in California until 1999 and then settled permanently in Ontario, Canada. Venetia would love to hear from pupils who matriculated in 1984, especially anyone who also attended Forest Hill Primary and JCE (1985 - 1988). She can be contacted at venetia-diamond@rogers.com
1984Mark Gray left Sir John in 1984. He became a hairdresser and work in Dunkeld West for a few years. He has been living in Scotland for the past ten years. He is married with a daughter, Jema, born in 2000. Together with a few friends, Mark has started a South African social club in Scotland. Mark can be contacted at crazykatz@lineone.net and the club's web address is www.proteaclubinscotland.org.uk
1984Martine Mockford (nee Lachambre) left Sir John in 1984 and went on to Drake Secretarial College. She is married with two children: Serena and Sharnia. She immigrated to England six years ago and current works as an Admissions Officer at Cambridge University. She can be contacted at mm394@cam.ac.uk
1984André Oosthuysen matriculated in 1984. He is married with 2 children and was a Deputy Principal at Sir John Adamson High School. He left Sir John at the end of 2004 and is now the Dean at St Benedict school. Contact: lindre@mweb.co.za
1985Tracy Hallam attended Sir John between 1982 and 1985. She left in Std 9 to return to England. She would like to get in touch with anyone who was in Std 8OA or Std 9OA during 1984 and 1985. She would like to make contact with Vicki Callan, Mark & David Bennion and Lisa and Andrew. Tracey can be contacted at TJINSCOTLAND@aol.com
1985Daryl Hudson matriculated in 1985. He has been living in the US for the past 12 years. He can be contacted at hudson@createtrade.com
1985Deon Grove (formerly Jones) matriculated in 1985. He now lives in the bush near Kruger Park. He is married with two boys. He can be reached at deong@wol.co.za
1985Sean Olivier attended the school from 1981 to 1985. He is married and have a daughter. He still resides in the south of Johannesburg. He can be contacted at seano34@hotmail.com
1985Charmaine Sandberg matriculated in 1985. Contact charmaine@sandmark.co.za
1985Sharon McDonald (now Moffett) attended Sir John from 1984 to 1985. Left for USA and now resides outside Philadelphia - Best friends with Barbara Archer and Julie Odendaal. Can be contacted on sales@pipersway.com
1985JP Scharnick was a prefect in 1985. Now resides in Sydney Australia, married with two beautiful children. Can be contacted on jp@skyton.com.au
1985Tracy Mare (nee Curran) attended SJA form 1981-1985. She is married with 2 daughters and is currently working at Caxton Newspapers. tracym@caxton.co.za
1985Lara Quartero (nee van Rensburg) matriculated in 1985. She can be contacted at laraq@tiscali.co.za
1986Debbie Aston is from the UK. She arrived in SA with her mother in 1981 and attended Sir John from 1982. She can be contacted at debbieastonmedia@aol.com
1986Dilia Casimiro (nee Martins) matriculated in 1986. She is maried with two children and living in Portugal since 1999. She can be contacted at emandel@sapo.pt or diliac@vdl.pt
1986Alana Hedigan (now Andrew) matriculated in 1986. Married Craig Andrew and have two girls aged 12 and 14. She can be contacted at info@aran.co.za
1986Melanie Shekyls (nee Futcher) was Head Girl at Sir John in 1986. She can be contacted at mels@memo2.liberty.co.za
1986Mark Smith matriculated from Sir John in 1986. He now resides in the state of Virginia in the United States. His email address is: avacop96@comcast.net
1987Kim Angelique Coetzee (nee Young) attended Sir John from 1983 - 1987. She has three daughters and are interested in catching up with classmates, teachers and the Drummie Squad (Purple Year) for 1986. Can be contacted on kimacoetzee@gmail.com
1987Russel Pace matriculated in 1987 is now living in New York City and can be reached at pace.rc@gmail.com
1987Dale Johnson can be contacted on dale@aitken.co.za. He is organising the 25th Reunion of the Class of 1987.
1987Debby Povall (now Hopwood) matriculated in 1987. She lives in Cape Town, married with two sons. Can be contacted on dhopwood@fvc.co.za
1987Bronwynne Sneddon (nee Nash-Bennett) matriculated in 1987 and currently reside in Alberton with her husband and two children. She can be contacted at bsneddon@howden.co.za or mbsneddon@worldonline.co.za
1988Ursula Adams was at Sir John from 1986 to 1988. She currently resides in Meyersdal and can be contacted at ursula@eegroup.co.za
1988Colleen Lisa Coelho (nee Waterman) matriculated in 1988. She currently resides in Namibia and can be contacted at carlos2@iafrica.com. She would like to contact Mrs P Short.
1988Michael Freeman went to Sir John from 1984 to 1988. Now live in Cape Town. Can be contacted on michaelaf@anazi.co.za
1988Maureen MacEwan (now Wissinger) matriculated in 1988. She lived in London from August 1995 to June 2002 and now lives in the USA. Contact: maureen_veronica@hotmail.com.
1988Shirley Desiree Willson. Currently works at a publishing house in the UK. Can be contacted at shirleywillson@hotmail.com
1989Tracey Glendon (now Olivier) Lives in Durban, married with 3 boys working as a Training Consultant. Can be contacted at traceyo@downtheline.co.za
1989Verna Hedigan (now Pappas) matriculated in 1989 can be contacted at info@aran.co.za
1989Darren Hilbig attended Sir John in 1989, currently living in Roodepoort, can be contacted at darrenhilbig@absamail.co.za
1989Michelle Janseen (now Fruin) matriculated in 1989. She can be contacted at mruin@highveldmail.co.za
1989Sean Gordon Roberts can be contacted at sean@rentavelo.co.za
1989Simon Russel now lives in England. He can be contacted at simon.russel@schroders.com
1989Malcolm Stevens matriculated in 1989. Completed studies at Wits, now living in the Netherlands having lived in England as well. malcolmstevens@palladyne.com
1989Carla da Silva (now Marasek) no lives in England. She can be contacted on cmarasek@gmail.com