2000Justin Hendley attended Sir John from 1996 to 2000. He now lives in England and can be contacted at justin.hendley@redbridge.gov.uk

2000Eugene Jordaan is an ex-student of the year 2000. He can be contacted at ejordaan@p-n-s.net
2000Khethiwe Mazibuko matriculated in 2000 and are the owner of a Marketing & Communications Company based in Pretoria. He can be contacted on info@mbewuentle.co.za
2000Stephen Evans left school in 2000. He works as a business manager for Nedbank vehicle finance. stephenev@nedbank.co.za
2001Graham Langefeld. Contact: langefeld.graham@gmail.co.za
2001Wesley Palm left Sir John in 2001 and in the General Manager of Tshepang Metal Engineering. He can be contacted at wesley@optimisation.co.za
2002Susan Aird matriculated in 2002 working for Business Connexion as a Junior Custom Engineer. She can be contacted at saird@angloplat.com
2002Romaine Roberts works in Advertising for Avusa Media. robertsro@avusa.co.za
2003Kim Howell matriculated in 2003 and can be contacted at Kim_Howell@dell.com
2003Zulfa Snyders attended our school from 2000 until 2003. She has very fond memories from the time spent at the school. She can be contacted at zulfa.snyders@live.co.za.
2004Christopher Burgess matriculated in 2004, can be contacted at chrisb@xlink.co.za