• After the educator has granted permission for learners to enter the classroom, they must stand next to their desks and wait until the educator has greeted them and instructed them to be seated.
  • Each learner is responsible for his/her own desk and must ensure that the desk remains clean at all times.
  • Desks may not be defaced in any way whatsoever.
  • Litter must be placed in the wastepaper basket.
  • Eating is not allowed in classrooms.
  • When the principal or any staff member enters the classroom, learners must stand and greet the visitor and wait until they are instructed to be seated.
  • Absolute silence must prevail while a visiting staff member is present.
  • Behaviour in class must be exemplary.
  • School books must be neatly covered. The learner’s name, grade, class and subject must appear on the front cover.
  • It is good manners to stand when speaking to an educator.
  • When the bell rings, books must be packed away once the educator has instructed learners to do so.
  • The educator will instruct learners to stand. Chairs and tables must be moved into position and any litter picked up. Once the educator has greeted the class, the class is to exit the room in neat rows.
  • Learners will only be allowed to leave the classroom during periods in exceptional cases and must have the educators disc which indicates that permission has been given to leave.
  • No learner may leave the classroom without the permission of the educator.
  • Learners must raise their hands if they wish to speak.
  • Inappropriate use of tippex is not allowed.


  • Learners are only allowed in the bathrooms in the case of emergencies.
  • Nobody is permitted to run along the corridors.
  • Educators will be on corridor duty during change-overs to control the movement of learners.
  • Learners must move quickly and quietly on the left hand side of the corridor.


  •  If the assembly is on the pavillion, classes sit in the allocated area for their grade.  When the assembly is in the hall classes line up at the allocated door.
  • The registration educator is responsible for ensuring that learners are well behaved during assemblies.
  • Learners must assemble in a quiet and orderly manner.  Silence must be maintained throughout the assembly.
  • Important announcements are made during assemblies, learners are, therefore, required to pay careful attention to these announcements as they will not be repeated at a later stage.