Any learner who does not adhere to the safety measures regarding COVID19 will face disciplinary action. In such situations a learner will be required to work remotely at home until he/she demonstrates that he/she is prepared to follow the necessary guidelines and safety precautions.

Not following safety precautions would include but is not limited to:
□    Not wearing a facemask or not having a facemask at school
□    Not adhering to the regulations around frequent sanitising
□    Not adhering to social distancing
□    Not adhering to daily screening protocols
□    Not adhering to COVID-19 policies that have been put in place.
□    Some flexibility will be allowed with regards to the hair policy due to lockdown regulations learners are still expected to have neat hairstyles and boys must be clean shaven.

COVID-19 related policies have been instituted to ensure the safety of everyone on the premises and to ensure the completion of the academic

Failure to adhere to COVID-19 rules and regulations will be viewed in a very serious light.

Sir John Adamson High School reserves the right to make amendments to the policy in line with ongoing information received regarding COVID-19.