Learners found in the possession of or making use of any dangerous weapon will be subject to the following disciplinary action:

  • The learner will be immediately suspended for a maximum of five school days.
  • Within the five day period the Principal will, in consultation with the Governing Body and in accordance with official regulations, constitute a Disciplinary Committee and determine a date on which a Disciplinary Hearing will be held.
  • Disciplinary action will be determined by the Disciplinary Committee.


A learner will be guilty of serious misconduct if he or she, intentionally and without just excuse:

  • seriously threatens, disrupts or frustrates teaching or learning in a class;
  • engages in a conspiracy to disrupt the proper functioning of the school through collective action;
  • insults the dignity of or defames any learner or any other person, which includes racist and sexual remarks;
  • distributes, or is in the possession of any test or examination material that may enable another person to gain an unfair advantage in a test or examination;
  • cheats in a test or examination or any other form of assessment such as assignments;
  • engages in any act of public indecency;
  • sexually harasses another person;
  • is found in possession of or distributes pornographic material; or
  • is under the influence of or in possession of alcohol.

A disciplinary hearing may be called for at the Principal’s discretion.


A learner will be guilty of serious misconduct if he or she –

  • is found guilty of misconduct as contemplated in Schedule 1 after having been found guilty of the same or similar misconduct on two previous occasions;
  • fails to comply with a punishment of suspension as a correctional measure; or
  • intentionally and without just excuse –
    • forges any document or signature to the potential or actual prejudice of the school;
    • trades in any test or examination question paper or in any test or examination material;
    • attempts to bribe or bribes any person in respect of any test or examination to enable himself or herself or another person to gain an unfair advantage therein;
    • engages in fraud;
    • engages in theft, or otherwise acts dishonestly to the prejudice of another person;
    • is in possession of, consumes or deals in any illegal substance or other harmful substance;
    • is in possession of, uses or transmits narcotic or unauthorised drugs or on visible evidence of such possession, use or transmission;
    • is in possession of any dangerous weapon;
    • assaults or threatens to assault another person;
    • holds any person hostage;
    • murders any person;
    • rapes any person, or engages in any sexual activity on the premises;
    • maliciously damages property;
    • refusing to comply to Covid 19 regulations

A disciplinary hearing may be called for at the Principal’s discretion.


The Governing Body may, on reasonable grounds and as a precautionary measure suspend a learner who is suspected of serious misconduct from attending school, but may only enforce such suspension after the learner has been granted a reasonable opportunity to make representations to it in relation to such suspension.

The Governing Body must conduct disciplinary proceedings against a learner within 7 school days after the suspension of such learner. If a learner does not abide by the suspension and trespasses the police will be contacted.