Makavane won the RAPS trophy

Music of the Violin won the coveted RAPS trophy

Centenary Hall was built and officially opened by Mr A Plessis, the Chairperson of the Governing Body
Ms R J de Beer Principal left to take up a position in another Educational institution
Mr A C Oosthuysen Deputy Principal was appointed at St Benedicts School
Ipi Zombi won the RAPS Festival
Mr Oosthuizen who was responsible for entering the plays had the distinction of Sir John Adamson winning three of the festivals

Mr E S du Toit was appointed as Acting Principal
The Adamsonian was outsourced

Mr Meyers was appointed as Principal
Grade 10 started with the revised NCS Curriculum
Mrs T Oosthuizen undertook the task of producing The Adamsonian doing the photos, typesetting, layout and design. Only the actual printing was outsourced

Sir John Adamson celebrated their 105th Birthday by having a Birthday bash
Teachers strike during the June exams  this was supported by many staff members who went to Pretoria to take part.

Sir John Adamson was named Top School in the District with a 100% pass rate in the National Senior Certificate exam
We hosted the Drummie Day with an International Foods day

Learners took part in the opening ceremony of the Confederations Soccer Cup at the FNB Stadium

South Africa hosts the Soccer World Cup – Sir John had their own Mini World Cup – classes each drew a participating country and played games against the other teams
Term 2 was very short because of the World Cup. We had Soccer Fridays where learners and educators were encouraged to wear Soccer Shirts
Extra Murals Awards evening format was changed whereby parents were invited to attend the evening with their children.
Honours Night was moved to January of the following year and no longer in October.

Harry Schwarz, the man responsible for procuring the ground for the school and the First Governing Body Chairperson of the school passed on.

The School celebrated the 110th Birthday


Staff went on CAPS training
The Tuckshop was renovated and extended

CAPS was introduced in Grade 8 to 12.
20 years of Democracy were celebrated
The Adamsonian paid tribute to Nelson Mandela with photos and inspirational quotes of the legendary icon

A number of projects were undertaken – the Renovation of Bathrooms, the Harry Schwarz hall and the Support Staff bathrooms.

Mr E S du Toit retired at the end of April
The School celebrated 115 years
The Pavillion was covered and extended

Mrs F J Wellington is appointed as Deputy Principal


Mrs M J Collins, Deputy Principal, Mrs A C Nel and Mrs J van der Heever retires after serving Sir John Adamson for 76 years.


Mr J van der Merwe and Mr H Marais retired.


Covid-19 had a huge impact on teaching due to the Lockdown Level 5 that was announced on 25 March 2020.  Grade 12’s returned on 8 June,  Grade 11’s on 6 July, Grade 10’s on 20 July, Grade 9’s on 24 August and Grade 8’s on 31 August.  The classes was divided in two and only 50% of learners was allowed on any day at the school.  The wearing of masks in public was compulsory since 1 May.  No Matric Farewell was allowed due to Covid regulations.  Social distancing made assemblies nearly impossible.  Valediction was held on the pavilion.  The National Senior Certificate only started on 5 November and finished on 15 December. 

Mr V Williams is appointed as Deputy Principal.

Mr Stephen Dladla retires after 48 years at Sir John Adamson High School


Covid-19 again caused another year of timetable rotation for Grade 8-11.  The Grade 12’s attended every day.  The School Calendar was changed due to Covid-19.  The school only started on 15 February and there was no June Exam.  The Matrics once again did not have a Matric Farewell but Valediction was changed to give them a formal sendoff.  The end of year exams for Grade 8-11 was only 1-2 hour papers.

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